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Banzai Wellness Network Natural Equine Scab Softaning Ointment

100% Natural Equine Scab Softening Ointment

  • Clears bacteria
  • Softens Scabs
  • Can be used on most pets
Banzai Wellness Network Natural Equine Midge Ointment

100% Natural Midge (“No-See-Um”) Ointment

8 oz.
  • Common areas: itchy paws or legs, underbelly, armpits, face
  • Anti Fungal
  • Itch Relief
Banzai Wellness Network Natural Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Ointment

Natural Athlete’s Foot Anti-Fungal Ointment

2 oz. Like all the natural products we offer; this natural anti-fungal and anti-septic Athlete’s Foot ointment has only the most natural ingredients nature has to offer. It can be used on Toe Webs & Nails.
Banzai Organics Floris Naturals Organic Face Toner

Organic & 100% Natural Face Toner


4 oz.

  • Helps to Reduce Acne & Redness
  • Moisturizes and Leaves a Smooth Complexion
  • For Daily Use on All Types of Skin
Banzai Wellness Network Wound and Hotspot Care

Organic Natural Wound and Hotspot Care

  • Natural wound care and pain relief ointment for pets, equine and people
  • Can be used on people for bug bites, sores, minor burns or cuts
  • It will aid with hot spot and itchy patches on pets skin
  • Can be used on eczema
  • Anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic.